Why is it so difficult to agree on COVID-19 modes of transmission?

16th October will mark the beginning of our QCAM seminar series and we will have the great pleasure to invite a prestigious speaker whose research makes headlines: Prof. Caroline Duchaine (U.Laval), Canada Research Chair (Tier I) on bioaerosols.

Winter is coming : an additional challenge that we will have to face, as our ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will also hinge on indoor ventilation. That’s where aerosol transmission could take place, although these vectors and their role in the spread of infections remain elusive. Against this background, Prof Duchaine will address the science of bioaerosols, a captivating and multidisciplinary research topic (abstract attached). Her talk will be entitled: “Why is it so difficult to agree on COVID-19 modes of transmission?.

Prof. Duchaine has done several interviews with national media and her research has been given extensive coverage in the press (list attached); the latest example is this article published in L’Actualité on 7th October.

The registration is free but mandatory.

The seminar will be broadcast on Zoom on 16th October at 2 pm; the link to the conference will be sent to attendees in a separate e-mail. Please note that the seminar will be held in English, while the slides will be in French. A recording will be made available to attendees.

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