Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The EDI components are central pillars in the field of research and development at QCAM, as they enrich innovation, enhance the relevance and efficiency of discoveries, and ensure a more faithful representation of societal needs. In March 2021, QCAM established the EDI committee, and in December 2022, QCAM participated in two co-construction workshops led by EDI consultants from the firm URelles. The resulting report served as the starting point for the development of this roadmap.


  • QCAM is a strategic cluster that aims to facilitate collaboration among its community members and the development of potential talent. QCAM acknowledges the importance of diversity and inclusion to consider a plurality of perspectives and thereby unlock the full potential of collaborations within the cluster, as well as among its talents.


  • Considering that the mission of QCAM includes promoting discovery and innovation, facilitating collaborations, and supporting emerging talent, and that its values emphasize the excellence of collaborations and training, it has been concluded that QCAM’s vision for EDI is to recognize the value of each community member’s contribution (students, postdoctoral researchers, research professionals, and faculty) by providing them with the necessary tailored resources to develop their full potential. To achieve this, QCAM commits to implementing inclusive mechanisms for the collaboration and training opportunities it develops.


Workshop – Inequalities in Higher Education: Obstacles and Solutions

April 29, 2024 
With Centre Sève, CGCC, COPL, INTRIQ and RQMP. Presented by Marie Baron, EDI INRS

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Seminar – EDI considerations in the STEM community

February 26, 2024 
Presented by Mirjam Fines-Neuschild, RIQEDI

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Student symposium – EDI in research

December 8, 2023 
Presented by Geneviève Côté, EDI UQTR

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Annual meeting – Welcoming and including international students

May 15, 2023 
Presented by Suzie Yeo, Autrement d’ici

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Workshop – non-violent communication

March 17, 2023 
With URelles, CGCC, COPL, INTRIQ and RQMP. 

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Workshop – Microaggressions in the workplace

December 7, 2022 
With URelles, CGCC, COPL, INTRIQ and RQMP. 

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