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QCAM science writting competition

Your article must describe the development and applica-tions of functional materials. You may address different aspects of materials science: a theoretical concept, a scien-tific article, a research project or an internship. The competition is open to all QCAM student and PDF members, both anglophones and francophones.

Rules and regulations

  • The text must be between 450 and 550 words.
  • It can be written in English or in French.
  • Il must be submitted as Word file to Matteo Duca
  • Deadline: 24 January 2022
Writing to engage the reader. – Ready, set, write! –

Evaluation criteria

  • Originality of the topic and quality of writing
  • Using a style appropriate for a broad audience and scientific rigor


  • The winning English-language entry will be published in the « blog » section of the QCAM website (alongside the translations of the blog posts from Materiaux en action).
  • The two winners will receive each a monetary prize of 150 $.

Congratulations to winners


Victor Quezada-Novoa

  • 1st prize – New hope for the destruction of chemical weapons
  • PhD candidate, Prof. Howarth, Concordia

Muhammad Ghufran Rafique

  • 2nd prize – The Ultimate Functional Material –
  • PhD candidate, Prof. Sleiman and Prof. Perepichka, McGill