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Collaborative Projects

The main goal of this initiative is to create new bridges between research groups in different academic institutions. Furthermore, this program is a great opportunity to provide innovative preliminary research results that can be used to reach for other sources of funding. In order to promote research collaboration between co-researchers from various strategic clusters (SC) funded by the FRQNT, 6 of them – COPL, CQMF, INTRIQ, ReSMiQ, RQMP, STARacom, have jointly developed a funding program aimed at initiate joint projects. These must involve co-researchers affiliated with distinct SC and a minimum of $5,000 for each SC involved. The QCAM has committed $10,000 to this call for projects 2024-2025.


Taghavi (UL, CQMF) and Michèle Desjardins (UL, COPL)

Advances in needleless injection methods

Orgiu (INRS, CQMF) and Fabiano Boschini (INRS, COPL)

Manipulation of interlayer excitons in molybdenum disulfide


Kornienko (UdeM) and Ma (INRS)

Designing novel COF-based photocatalysts for efficient solar fuel production from CO2

Howarth (Concordia) and Cosa (McGill)

Probing Singlet Oxygen Generation in Rare-Earth Cluster-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks One Particle at a Time

Nazemi (UQAM) and Majewski (Concordia)

Highly active N-heterocyclic carbene-functionalized coinage metal nanoparticles for CO2 sequestration

Cao (McGill) et  Li (Concordia)

Development of 3D Printed Sulfur Cathodes for High Energy Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Li (Concordia) and Sun (INRS)

Interface Design via Atomic Layer Deposition for High Energy and Long Lasting Batteries

Braidy (UdS) and Siaj (UQAM)

Nanomaterials suitable for demonstrating the nanofurnace concept in a microreactor

Nguyen (Concordia) and Nguyen-Tri (UQTR)

Development of single-atom photocatalysts for the synthesis of chemicals and renewable fuels

Byers (UQAM) and Izquierdo (ETS)

Development of single-atom photocatalysts for the synthesis of chemicals and renewable fuels

Brouillette (UQTR) and Gagnon (UQAR)

Oxidation of phosphorylated lignocellulose fibers

Taghavi (UL, CQMF) and Armin Jabbarzadeh (ETS, CIRODD)

Optimizing Centrifugal Spinning for Nanofiber Production


Kakkar (McGill) and Zhao (UdeS)

Leveraging Photoresponsive Nanoformulations for Remotely Triggered and Controlled Disassembly

Laventure (UdeM) and Nazemi (UQAM)

Bottom-up fabrication of silver nanoparticles containing hydrogels via reactive 3D printing

Zhu (UdeM) and Soldera (UdeS)

Kinetic Study of Entropy-Driven Ring-Opening Polymerizations

Majewski (Concordia) and Cibian (UQTR)

Development of Dye-Sensitized Solar Energy Capture and Conversion Devices for Water Splitting

Ma (INRS) and Ouellet-Plamondon (ETS)

Towards Smart Buildings

Dewolf (Concordia), Badia (UdeM) and Naccache (Concordia)

Development of Inhaled Nanomedicines

Guay (INRS), Roué (INRS), Huot (UQTR) and Allard (INRS)

Development of new protective materials based on high entropy alloys for the aluminum industry

Volel (C. Montmorency), van de Ven (McGill) and Gaudreault (UdeM)

Filters and masks engineered to capture COVID viruses

Roué (INRS), Duong (UQTR) and Tavares (INRS)

Development of Si@MOF@G negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries

Momen (UQAC) and Taghavi (UL)

Development of PHBV bionanofibers via spinning methods


Brouillette (UQTR) and Elkoun (UdeS)

Fire resistance improvement of Milkweed fiber-based biocomposites by surface phosphorylation

Cibian (UQTR) and Kornienko (UdeM)

Heterogenized Molecular Compounds for Electrochemical Biomass Valorization

Leclerc (UL), Laventure (UdeM) and Pouliot (Brilliant Matters)

Structure-Property Relationships in 3D Printed Conjugated Polymers

Orgiu (INRS) and Cuccia (Concordia)

Novel Organic Spin Valves using Chiral Molecular Spintronics

Rosei (INRS) and Dorval (McGill)

Bio-Photovoltaic Devices Containing Bacteriorhodopsin as Sensitizer or Emitter

Siaj (UQAM), Ma (INRS) and Huot (UQTR)

Three-dimensional CdS/Graphene/BiVO4 Nanoarray Photoanodes for Lengthened Electron Lifetimes and Photoelectrochemical Enhancement

Sun (INRS) and Zhao (UdeS)

Self-Healing Polymer Coating for High Safety and High-Energy Lithium Metal Batteries

Wuest (UdeM) and Howarth (Concordia)

Synthesis and Activation of New Porous Crystalline Organic Materials


Howarth (Concordia) and Boisselier (UL)

Metal–Organic Frameworks for Applications in Ophthalmic Drug Delivery

Naccache (Concordia), Mantovani (UL) and Tufenkji (McGill)

A NanoBioTechnology Integrated Platform for the Design of Antimicrobial/Antiviral Surfaces and Interfaces.

Schougaard (UQAM), Mauzeroll (McGill) and Sun (INRS)

Development of high spatial resolution electrochemical mapping of fuel cell and electrolyzers

Hoesli (McGill) and Mantovani (UL)

Endothelialization of functionalized metal stents

Izquierdo (ETS) and Giasson (UdeM)

Carbon nanotube membranes for pathogen capture and sensing

Kornienko (UdeM) and Byers (UQAM)

Multifaceted Investigation of Electrochemical Biomass Valorization Electrocatalysts

Oh (Concordia) and Kakkar (McGill)

A dual acid/glutathione-degradable miktoarm block copolymer for tumor-targeting drug delivery

Dorval Courchesne(McGill) and Capobianco (Concordia)

Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Bio-Derived Perovskite Nanomaterials

Taghavi (UL) and Nguyen-Tri (UQTR)

Nanofiber production at high throughput using the centrifugal spinning method: role of rheology and
polymer chemistry

Fortin(UL) and Hoesli (McGill)

3D-imaging of gold nanoparticles and cells by AT-SEM

Ouellet-Plamondon (ETS) and Gagnon (UQAR)

Development of chitosan derivatives for 3D printing of antibacterial/antiviral customized products

Badia (UdeM) and Orgiu (INRS)

Polymer Processing and Chemical Doping Strategies for Organic Thermoelectric Devices

Skene (UdeM) and Nazemi (UQAM)

Modular all-in-one functional polymers for plastic electronic use

Duong (UQTR) and Guay (INRS)

Design of electrode materials for supercapacitors based on Metal − Organic Frameworks combined with organic polymers.

Cerruti (McGill), Vetrone (INRS) and Brambilla (UdeM)

Upconversion nanoparticle-loaded microneedles for on-demand hormonal delivery to increase success of in-vitro fertilization

van de Ven (McGill) and Brouillette (UQTR)

Production of protective clothing by post-treatment of regular clothing


Cuccia (Concordia), Oh (Concordia) and Vetrone (INRS)

Chiral Luminescent Amino Acid-Based Metallogels

Elkoun (UdeS) and Laroche (UL)

Élaboration et caractérisation de bio-composites PLA/fibres naturelles modifiées en surface par traitement combiné plasma et immersion dans une solution de lignine ou tanin

Friscic (McGill) and Wuest (UdeM)

Green Syntheses of Complex Carbon-Based Materials by Mechanochemistry

Mauzeroll (McGill) and Lafleur (UdeM)

Solid-state 2H NMR and molecular dynamics studies of redox-responsive liposomes: Understanding the mechanism of oxidatively-triggered membrane disassembly

Morin (UL) and Ma (INRS)

High Performance Organic Solar Cells: a New Approach based on Plasmonic Nanostructure-Decorated Graphene NanoRibbons

Orgiu (INRS) and Perepichka (McGill)

Drawing Molecular Patterns to Induce Superconductivity into Graphene

Roue (INRS), Boucherif (UdeS) and Guay (INRS)

Étude d’anodes à base de silicium nanostructuré pour batteries Li-ion

Zhao (UdeS) and Pellerin (UdeM)

Soft Fiber Actuators of Liquid Crystal Polymers Prepared through Electrospinning

March 2018-2020

Masson (UdeM) and Mauzeroll (McGill)

Multifunctional nanosensors for neuroscience: unraveling mechanisms of neurotransmission

Braidy (UdeS) and Martel (UdeM)

Nanocornes de carbone produits par plasma pour l’encapsulation de colorants

Ma (INRS) and Zhao (UdeS)

A Unique Approach Towards Smart Nano-Catalysts

Gagnon (UQAR) and Mantovani (UL)

Développement de revêtements antibactériens par plasma et greffage à base de chitosane modifié pour le domaine de la santé

Guay (INRS) and Rochefort (UdeM)

Production d’Ammoniaque par Réduction Électrocatalytique d’Azote Moléculaire (PARÉDAM)

Morin (UL) and Soldera (UdeS)

Polymère Conjugués à Base d’Anthanthrène : Synthèse et Évaluation des Propriétés Mécaniques pour Applications en Organique Électronique Flexible

Taghavi (UL) and Sun (INRS)

A Novel Centrifugal Spinning Strategy to Fabricate 1D Silicon/Graphene/Carbon Nanofiber Composite Anode for High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries

Oh (Concordia) and Morin (UL)

Development of robust self-healable luminescent cross-linked films based on block copolymer-stabilized semiconductor conjugated polymers.

November 2018-2020

Perepichka (McGill) and Izquierdo (ETS) 

Understanding the design rules for small molecule based organic solar cells

Majewski (Concordia), Bélanger (UQAM), Byers (UQAM) and Cuccia (Concordia) 

Conversion of electrochemically biomineralized carbonates to hybrid perovskite materials

Momen(UQAC) and Nazemi (UQAM)

Novel chemically heterogeneous functional surfaces for icephobic applications

Blum (McGill) and Ritcey (UL)

Optical characterisation of plasmonic nanoring – quantum dot assemblies

DeWolf (Concordia) and Badia (UdeM)

Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles – Natural Materials for Pulmonary Drug Delivery?

Ma (INRS) and Wang (Concordia)

High Performance Battery Materials Enabled by High Concentration Graphene Dispersions

Wang (Concordia) and Sun (INRS)

Design of Novel Intercalation Cathode Materials for Aqueous Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Battery

Van de Ven (McGill) and Soldera (UdeS)

Caractérisation des nanocristaux de cellulose – Association déterminante entre l’expérience et la simulation