Five NOVA grants awarded to our members!

Early-career QCAM professors in the spotlight! The pilot programme NOVA (a FRQNT-NSERC partnership) aims to support early-career researchers. Among the 34 funded projects, 5 are led by QCAM members (source : FRQNT website; titles translated from the French original):

  • Philippe Dauphin Ducharme (UdeS), Aptamer-based electrochemical biosensors for the detection of anesthetics.
  • Noémie Dorval-Courchesne (McGill), Directed evolution of materials based on electrically conducting bacteriophages
  • Véronic Landry (U. Laval),  Wood stabilization within the framework of circular economy
  • Audrey Laventure (UdeM), Development of (semi)conducting organic materials for the 3D printing of electronic sensors
  • Marek Majewski (Concordia), Combination of semiconducting nanocrystals and coordination complexes for the multimodal detection of biological targets