Webinar on Scientific Writing

The Quebec Center for Advanced Materials (QCAM) student committee is delighted to organize a Webinar on Scientific Writing, hosted by Profs. Gregory Patience and Daria Boffito from Polytechnique Montreal. The online event will be held on Zoom from 9am to 12pm on Thursday September 24th, 2020. We invite you to register for free by filling the following form:


In order to take full advantage of the webinar, it is highly recommended to submit an abstract of your choice, as it will serve as a major learning tool during the activity. The abstract must follow the template available on the following website:


We encourage you to share this announcement with your colleagues, professors and students. If you need more information regarding this event or the QCAM student committee, please feel free to visit our website: https://www.cqmfqcamconference.com/ or to contact us directly using our email address: conference.cqmf.qcam@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to virtually seeing many of you for the webinar,

Zoom link