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International internships

QCAM and University of Bordeaux program aims to foster international mobility of students whose research activities are part of the scientific program of a strategic cluster. The internship is a supplementary tool available to QCAM to strengthen its position at the international level through research projects and partnerships that have already been established or which are under development. For more information on this grant program please contact Matteo Duca, development and scientific director of QCAM.

Hosting students from Bordeaux

   A QCAM regular member needs to provide the information below:

  • Title of the research project
  • Keywords (up to 6)
  • Main tasks and skills required
  • Abstract of the research project (free format, max. 1 page)

For QCAM students

  • TBA

Research projects for students from Bordeaux

Twinkal Patel
(Concordia U., Prof. Oh)

  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea, (laboratory of Prof. Ko)
  • Design and synthesis of a new poly(hindered urea) (PHU) hybrid network
  • 4 months (Jan. – April, 2022)

Gabrielle Raîche-Marcoux
(Laval U., Prof. Boisselier)

  • University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France (laboratory of Prof. Vellutini)
  • Development of a molecular platform for the determination of ocular mucins.
  • 4 months (Jan.-April, 2022)

Ingrid Calvez
(Laval U., Prof. Landry)

  • Michigan State University, East-Lansing, MI, USA (laboratory of Prof. Szczepanski)
  • Study of the photo-induced phase separation of a radical/cationic hybrid system for the development of low gloss wood coatings
  • 4 months (May-August, 2021)

Marilyne Bélanger-Bouliga
(UQAM, Prof. Nazemi)

  • University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA (laboratory of Prof. Jurca)
  • Metal nanoparticles functionalized with  nitrogenous heterocyclic carbenes for CO2 capture.
  • 4 months (Jan.-April, 2022)

Kevin Tanner
(U. of Sherbrooke, Prof. Harvey)

  • University of Caen, Caen, France  (laboratory of Prof. Witulski)
  • Mono- and diindolocarbazoles for the design of non-fullerene acceptors in solar cells
  • 4 months (Jan.-April, 2022)

Hassan Fakih,
(McGill, Prof. Sleiman)

  • University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA, USA (laboratory of Prof. Khvorova)
  • In Vivo Studies on Dendritic-DNA nanostructures
  • 3 months (January-March, 2020)

Fanny Casteignau,
(UdeS/UdeM, Prof. Braidy/Prof. Martel)

  • University of Paris, Paris, France (laboratory of Prof. Ricolleau)
  • Analysis of the nanostructure of Raman probes by HRTEM at different stages of the manufacturing process
  • 2 months (January-February, 2021)

Laurence Savignac
(UQAM, Prof. Schougaard)

  • Lancaster University, Lancaster, England (laboratory of Prof. Griffin)
  • Study of LiMn (y) Fe (1-y) PO4 by Li-solid state NMR spectroscopy
  • 6 months (May-October, 2019)

Jean-Claude Chartrand
(U. of Sherbrooke, Prof. Ayotte)

  • University Sorbonne, Paris, France  (laboratory of Prof. Michaut)
  • Effects of containment on the conversion of nuclear spin isomers in H2O
  • 2 months (October-December, 2019)

Gianluca Galeotti
(INRS, Prof. Rosei)

  • Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, Italy  (laboratory of Prof. Contini)
  • 2D graphene-like polymers, made by the on-surface polymerization technique
  • 4 months (April-Jully, 2018)

Mathieu Mainville
(Laval U., Prof. Leclerc)

  • University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France (laboratory of Prof. Patrick Lévêque and Thomas Heiser)
  • Développement de cellules photovoltaïques organiques
  • 5 months (April-August, 2018)