• Affiliate member
  • University of Alberta
  • Chemical and materials engineering
  • (780) 492-7164
  • xiaolei.wang@ualberta.ca

Xiaolei Wang

Areas of expertise

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Nanosciences
  • Advanced materials for energy applications

Research expertise

  • Rational nanomaterial design (i) metal, metal oxides/sulfides, composites (ii) porous materials/self assembly (iii) semiconductors (iv) polymer/carbon materials clean energy technologies (i) electrochemical energy storage/conversion systems: lithium/sodium-ion & lithium-sulfur batteries/supercapacitors, aqueous batteries (ii) electrocatalysis, CO2/N2 reduction (iii) photovoltaics/electrochromics wearable/all-solid-state/smart devices.