Relève Étoile Louis-Berlinguet prize, November 2020

Mengyang Fan (INRS, Guay group) wins the Relève Étoile Louis-Berlinguet prize! Congratulations!

“Mengyang Fan designed and synthesized a new generation of dendritic Bi modified porous Pb electrode, showing excellent converting efficiency of CO2 with good stability and producing the value-added formate”. Read her article, Uncovering the Nature of Electroactive Sites in Nano Architectured Dendritic Bi for Highly Efficient CO2 Electroreduction to Formate

Five other QCAM researchers have recently won this prize: Laura Hernandez (September 2020), Yao-Yu Xiao and Zhi-Chao Jiang (March 2020), Qingzhe Zhang (January 2020) and Fan Yang (June 2019).

See the star!